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9 12, 2014

Soapy Smith

By | Tuesday, December 9, 2014|Hidden History Blog|


Jefferson Smith was born in Georgia in 1860, but when his wealthy family was left poor after the Civil War, they moved to Texas in 1876. Soon after, Jefferson fell into a life of crime. He formed a gang of outlaws […]

28 11, 2014

Vivia Thomas

By | Friday, November 28, 2014|Hidden History Blog|


In January of 1870, a sentry was walking around the grounds of Fort Gibson (which is now Oklahoma) when he stumbled upon the body lying across a gravestone. He quickly realized it was a fellow soldier who he had known […]

21 11, 2014

Clay Allison

By | Friday, November 21, 2014|Hidden History Blog|


10405664_858759374154716_5770018932436737355_n-365x205Clay Allison was a cattle rancher turned gunfighter in the mid 1800’s. Growing up he quickly became known for his temper and mood swings. After briefly serving the Confederate Army in […]

14 11, 2014

The Purple Head Bridge

By | Friday, November 14, 2014|Hidden History Blog|


14584_851209264909727_4400976501080849298_n-365x205There is a bridge that connects Knox County, Indiana to Lawrence County, Illinois. Through the bridge’s history, it has had a few names and uses. Some people call it ‘The Cannonball […]

7 11, 2014

Teddy Bear

By | Friday, November 7, 2014|Hidden History Blog|


1378080_847533691943951_2068754322287643695_n-300x290United States President, Theodore Roosevelt, who many called Teddy (to his strong dislike) had an interest in zoology growing up, and even had his own taxidermy museum called the ‘Roosevelt Museum […]

31 10, 2014

Oregon Trail

By | Friday, October 31, 2014|Hidden History Blog|


The Oregon Trail was a long, 2000 mile journey that many made in search of a better life. Along the way, when things got rough, large precious items had to be disposed of such as furniture and chests with […]

24 10, 2014

The Cod Wars

By | Friday, October 24, 2014|Hidden History Blog|


10696412_835820963115224_176074685881826773_n-365x205In the early 1900’s as the population of Iceland grew, so did their need for a primary source of food–fish. In order to get the right amount, fishermen had to regularly […]

17 10, 2014

The “Marree Man”

By | Friday, October 17, 2014|Hidden History Blog|


On June 26th, 1998, Trevor Wright was flying around a remote area in South Australia, when he spotted an enormous figure of a man on land down below. It was a “geoglyph”-a large design formed by rocks or other elements […]

10 10, 2014

Australian UFO

By | Friday, October 10, 2014|Hidden History Blog|


1970856_832633450100642_4849472725934730309_n-200x300On April 6th, 1966 several classmates and a teacher at the Westall High School in Clayton, Australia described seeing a grey saucer in the sky that had a purple aura and […]

3 10, 2014

Munchausen Syndrome

By | Friday, October 3, 2014|Hidden History Blog|


Baron Münchhausen was a German man in the mid 1700’s, who joined the Russian Army and fought in several wars against the Ottoman Empire, even retaining the title of cavalry captain at one time. However, he soon grew tired of […]