There is a very narrow townhouse hidden in the heart of Boston’s North End at 44 Hull Street. The “Skinny House” is four stories tall and its widest point measures a scarce 10.4 feet. Also known as the “Spite House,” this small home was built in 1874 as a result of a dispute between two brothers.

the-skinny-house-638x425After returning home from his service in the American Civil War, the younger brother found that his older brother had built a large home over a piece of land which they had inherited, leaving only a sliver of space for the veteran brother. The elder brother’s home was wide and sunny, with a beautiful view of the Charles River over Boston. He believed it impossible for his brother to build on the tiny piece of land that was left. But soon enough the younger brother erected the skinny house on the remaining land, right in front of the big house. The little wooden home was tall enough to block the sunlight and view from bigger home, and measured a total of 964 square feet and turned out to be quite cozy. 

The Skinny House (Boston) has become a tourist attraction, and is available for rent and short stays for $250 per night. So if you’re having a dispute with your sibling, perhaps one night’s stay might be an interesting place to sleep it off.