12604827_1090098637687454_8864260855678875033_oIn the summer of 1658 a pirate ship appeared in Lynn Harbor. Four pirates rowed to shore near the Saugus Iron Works, asking to purchase a supply of tools that was to be left in a secret place in exchange for silver.

Upon hearing about the pirates, a group of nearby stationed British soldiers, set off to capture them. Three pirates were hanged, but the fourth, Thomas Veal, managed to escape into the woods, taking the silver with him.He found refuge in a natural cave in what is now Lynn Woods. He lived there for some time and became a member of the community, mending shoes for money. Suddenly an earthquake shook the ground in the Lynn area and a giant rock fell in front of Veal’s cave.The man was either trapped or crushed to death with his stolen treasure. Buried forever into Dungeon Rock.

Almost two-hundred years later, in 1852, a member of the Spiritualist Church from Charlton, MA, named Hiram Marble, believed he had received a message from the ghost of Veal, with the promise that he would live as a rich man if he dug at Dungeon Rock. Marble purchased the land surrounding the cave and began his excavation. To this day you can see Marble’s tunnels twisting and turning, as he dug following the direction that he felt Veal’s spirit indicated him.

Interestingly, Marble’s intention was not to become rich, but rather, to prove that he was able to communicate with the afterlife. Both Marble and his son dug until their deaths but never found Veal’s treasure. Perhaps Dungeon Rock still holds a secret to be uncovered.