“Here comes Peter Cottontail, Hoppin’ down the bunny trail, Hippity, hoppity, Easter’s on its way.”

There’s no mention of a rabbit that produced eggs in the Bible, so why do so many of our Easter traditions use these symbols to celebrate? There are many reasons researchers found that might lead us to understand why this fluffy white animal and brightly colored eggs are figureheads for Easter! Researchers think German hMCSVimmigrants that settled in Pennsylvania brought their folklore of an egg-laying hare called “Osterhase” and, on Easter, German children would make nests for the rabbit and fill them with colorful eggs for Easter-morning deliveries of chocolate and gifts.

The Easter Eggs have a reason, too. Eggs are an ancient symbol of new life, which is brought to mind when thinking of springtime. The eggs are also rumored to represent Jesus’ resurrection, as this is the most Holy Day for Christians. However you celebrate this Sunday, either as a welcoming of spring or Easter Sunday, we hope your weekend is egg-ceptional!