Happy New Year! The first day of a year is filled with superstitions. It is believed around the world that whatever you do today will symbolically set the tone for the next twelve months. Some explain why we party, while others are just simply strange. Here’s a list of some of the weirdest superstitions to help you navigate today.

1496328_1065720683458583_4579530407435628872_o– Make some noise! Evil spirits hate noise, so scare them away for the whole year with all those noisemakers at midnight.
– Kiss a loved one. It sets the tone of your relationship for the year.
– Don’t do laundry! Washing a family member’s clothing means that at some point this year they will be “washed away.”
– At midnight, open all the doors to your house to help the old year escape and the new year to come in.
– Don’t eat chicken, or you’ll be scratching in the dirt (poor and hungry) for the rest of the year.
– Do eat leafy greens, they symbolize all the money you’ll be getting!
– If the wind is blowing from the west, your year will have plentiful milk and fish, but will also see the death of a person who is very important to you.
– Wear new clothes to ensure you’ll get lots of new clothes throughout the year.
– Don’t cry, or you’ll be depressed for the next year!
– Work, but only a little. If you succeed at something work related, you’ll be successful for the year, but working too much is bad luck.

Good luck navigating this busy day, and we wish you all a Happy New Year!