St. Patrick’s day, also know as the Feast of Saint Patrick, is a religious remembrance of the saint and all his work for the people of Ireland. But, over the years, we’ve acquired some fun superstitions and traditions when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day. For example, we have little green men, also known as the illusive leprechauns! Lúchorpáin, or Leprechauns, are male fairies and are actually imaged after Irish shoemakers.

Leprechauns are mischievous little men who spend their time fixing and making shoes and have a secret pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. The oldest known story of these fairies is the story of Real-life-leprechaun-dog“Echtra Fergus mac Leti.” The protagonist is captured and dragged off to sea by three little green men and, when he captured them, they granted Fergus three wishes in exchange for their release.

You can hunt down your own Leprechaun according to modern folklore. Put some of those delicious golden coins made of chocolate under a propped up hat and you can nab your very own! Don’t trust these fairies if you find one, though. They drink heavily and often play practical jokes on unsuspecting people! Whether you tried to catch a leprechaun or just wore a little green, all of us here at the Folklorist hope you had a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!