Matinicus Rock, Maine, 1827, a thirty acre area haunted by a single ghost.

Two lighthouses marked the North and South ends of the area. When asked why the North tower was locked, a Coast Guard officer explained “to keep the ghost inside”.RL1300-788P.5L

The ghost would roam the island, stirring up whirlwinds, breaking dishes, and causing equipment malfunction.

One day, a Coast Guard captain came to Matinicus Rock to perform an inspection. He insisted that the crew give up their superstitions and unlock the door. All night the lights on the island failed.

It is said that the ghost continued to haunt the island until the 1970s; some nights men claimed that they could see a strange light coming from the North tower.

In 1983, Matinicus Rock became automated, leaving it uninhabited — that is– by the living.