12377713_1065403186823666_6855269780284158784_oHave you ever wondered why we kiss under the mistletoe? The history of mistletoe is wide and varied, and the folklore behind it is even more so.
One of the more popular stories is that the Norse god Balder was killed by a mistletoe arrow, thanks to a trick by Loki. Balder’s mother Frigga was understandably very upset, and cried white mistletoe berries which brought her son back to life. She then blessed the plant, and kissed anyone who passed under it.
Other stories come from the Greeks, Celts, Scandinavia, and England, who all associate the plant with various ideas of peace, luck, life, and fertility. It is said that a woman found standing under the mistletoe must accept a kiss and pluck a berry, or be cursed with bad luck. If there are no more berries to pluck, the kissing must stop!
Mistletoe is often thought of now as a Christmas decoration, but has also been associated with New Year’s (and a new year’s worth of luck), or even a year round decoration. For now, we wish you all a lucky, peaceful, and happy holiday season!