While the Loch Ness Monster may be the most famous aquatic creature, there are plenty to be found (or not found) in the New England area.

In Vermont, Lake Champlain is home to Champ, a long lost cousin of Nessie. Champ has been spotted in splashing around since the 1600s. Samuel de Champlain was the first European to have spotted Champ, he reported, “Its body has a shape of a pike; but it is protected by scales of a silvery gray colour and so strong that a dagger could not pierce them.”1280x720-zMy

In Maine, Lake Pocomoonshine houses a serpentine monster who slithers through the woods around the lake. The monster is also often seen on the coast of Gloucester, over hundreds of years. The monster prefers to reside in water, and while in the lake, only select parts of its body can be seen. Many witnesses have reported monster trails as wide as three feet long.

So the next time you’re swimming in a New England lake, watch your toes! An aquatic monster might be lurking right beneath you.