peso billWay back in the days of the wild west, there arose the story of Pecos Bill. Bill was born the 18th child, but bounced out of a covered wagon crossing the Pecos River as a baby. Having already proved himself to be incredibly tough at such a young age, Bill swam to shore, and was raised for the next 15 years by coyotes. One day his older brother found him, and after struggling to convince Pecos Bill that he wasn’t himself a coyote, his brother taught Bill how to be a cowboy.

Of course, wild Pecos Bill was a natural cowboy, and has been credited with inventing the branding iron, the lasso, and bull riding, among other staples of the west. Pecos Bill was also said to have dug the Rio Grande, ridden a cyclone, and fought the Bear Lake Monster. He alternately rode a horse named Widow-Maker or a mountain lion. In an attempt to woo his woman, he shot all the stars out of the sky, except for the Lone Star.

Amazing, but not invincible, Pecos Bill met his end when a man from Boston came to New Mexico dressed as his idea of a cowboy. Bill took one look at the lizard skin boots, the shiny belt buckle, the brand new jeans, and the sparkling clean ten gallon hat, and he laid down on the ground and laughed himself to death.