Outstanding Drama SeriesThe Folklorist has just been nominated for six Boston/New England Emmy® awards! Since 2012, the show has been nominated 16 times and has won three Emmys® in the categories of Single Spot Promotion, Program Host and Outstanding Historical Program. The show is nominated this year in the following categories:

Historical/Cultural Segment: Andrew Eldridge, Producer; Angela Harrer, Producer; John Horrigan, Host/Co-Creator; Robert Kelly, Executive Producer

Director Post Production: Angela Harrer, Director; Andrew Eldridge, Director

Editor Program: Angela Harrer, Editor; Andrew Eldridge, Editor

Performer/Narrator: John Horrigan, Host

Photographer Program: Andrew Eldridge, Cinematographer; Angela Harrer, Cinematographer

Writer Program: John Horrigan, Writer; Angela Harrer, Writer; Andrew Eldridge, Writer