imagesBeverly, MA, 1970, a local family buys a mansion right at the edge of Beverly Harbor. They’re thrilled with their new purchase, fixing up the decrepit house into a home. But these feelings of joy would soon fade into an eerie cloud of fear.

Not long after moving in, the family observed some strange events in the house. Every morning, the door connecting the backyard and kitchen would be found swung wide open, even if it had been locked the night before. Many items in the pantry would often be rearranged, and the kitchen table would be moved.

The father suspected it to be local pranksters, so he installed a double lock on the door, but his efforts were to no avail: the door continued to mysteriously open every morning.

They’d often hear strange noises all throughout the house. In one incident, the mother scolded her son for playing in his father’s office. But the boy was only in the next room, and the office was a few floors above them. Terrified, they called the police, and as the phone rang, a shadowy figure leapt from the balcony of the second floor.

That summer, the family left for their vacation house in New Hampshire, but the oldest boy, Steve, stayed behind to work as a lifeguard at the local beach.Every night, he slept with a World War II pistol, wrapped in a rabbit’s fur, by his side.

One night, he abruptly awoke at three in the morning, someone was laughing maniacally at the foot of his bed! Steve rolled onto the floor and grabbed for his pistol, but the objects on his nightstand had been moved around! After stumbling and scrambling through the dark, Steve located the pistol, and told the intruder to leave or he’d shoot. There was no response. He gathered all of his courage and ran from the house to his car and drove until the sun rose. When he returned home, his rabbit fur had been folded like a “fancy napkin” on the kitchen table. Immediately, he jumped in the car and sped to his family in New Hampshire.

A few weeks later, the family sold the house, but the Beverly Boogeyman still looms around the harbor.