Boston’s Omni Parker Hotel is a historic and beautiful building in the city. Celebrities ranging from Judy Garland to Hugh Hefner to Whitey Bulger have stayed at the Omni, and some unwanted guests have appeared as well.

Between the walls where JFK held his bachelor party and Charles Dickens read aloud his stories, hide ghosts and spirits. Many guests have reported hearing voices in dark corners, and creaking stairs, where staircases cease to exist.11828605_1003050576392261_8290345438400457396_n

A recent article from includes an interview with three Omni bellman. And so it has been nearly confirmed that the Omni is haunted! One bellman attested that he has never witnessed any ghostly activity, but many of his co-workers have. He added that many guests ask to change rooms because they’ve heard a strange noise.

So maybe the only way to find out is to spend a night in one of the Omni’s rooms. And even if you don’t see a ghost, you can say that you shared a space with Boston’s most infamous mobster.