Paper HouseIt all began as a hobby in Rockport, Massachusetts in 1922. The design: a house built with newspaper! The concept for the house was created by a mechanical engineer named Elis F. Stenman, who is also known to have created the machine that makes paperclips. This house was meant to be his summer home and today it’s a sight for everyone to see.  Stenman started with a wooden foundation and roof but finished off his creation with newspapers to create his walls. He layered around 100,000 newspapers to get the thickness and varnished the surfaces to make them sturdy and waterproof. Eventually, he got caught up with his newspaper works that he began making furniture, a piano, and other things out of paper too! Today his estate is in the hands of his grandniece Edna Beaudoin. Not only is the house still standing, but it’s open to the public and makes a great location for a summer outing!