Giant_squid_twenty_thousand_leagues_under_the_sea-203x300You may have heard of Paul Bunyan and his famous blue ox Babe, but you may not have heard of a figure in folklore who has fallen into obscurity – Captain Stormalong.

Captain Stormalong was a popular folk hero in the 1930′s who was rumored to have been 30 feet tall. He was also said to have moved from Cape Cod to Boston where he set sail on the Courser, a ship that was so tall that its mast had to behinged in order not to hit the sun or the moon. The tall tale continues, claiming that Captain Stormalong had even killed the fabled Kraken.

Later, a series of stories emerged about Stormalong’s death. One claimed that his ravenous appetite may have gotten the better of him in the end, when he ate six sharks and died as a result of stomach problems.

Though the tale of Captain Stormalong has largely been forgotten, his legacy lives on through sea shanties that are still sung aboard vessels today.

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