Walt Disney is a household name. Almost as popular as the man and his movies is the story about what happened to him after he died. Disney died from lung cancer on December 15, 1966, and his body was cremated and interred in Glendale, CA.

Pretty much since that day, there have been rumors that his body wasn’t actually cremated, and was in fact cyrogenically stored to be reanimated once a cure for his cancer had been found. This rumor has several potential sourcesWalt Disney, the primary being that Disney was a very private man, and a creative genius, leading people to believe he was a little bit crazy. He certainly had the money and the fascination with technology of the future. 

The first ever person to be frozen after death did happen in California, about a month after Disney’s death, and the subject also had severe lung cancer, probably helping along the rumors.

The rumor often specifies that his body, or just his head, is stored under the Pirates of the Carribean ride, but much research has led to the conclusion that the entire story was concocted by animators as a joke. Either way, the story will likely continue to thrive, along with the legacy of his work.