Nature seems to play jokes on people, or simply just on Walter Summerford. It was 1918 when Summerford was riding across a battlefield in Belgium and was struck down by lightning, killing his horse and paralyzing him from the waist down. All this before the battle even started. After being discharged from the military, he moved to Canada to retire and enjoyed fishing in his spare time. One day in 1924, as he was fishing, he was struck by lightening for a second time, causing half of his face to be paralyzed. Fortunately, after two years, Summerford was able to recover and walk again. Now that he was capable of moving he spent his summer days enjoying nature’s beauty. In 1930, as he was taking a stroll through a local park, he was hit for the third time, paralyzing him entirely. After two years of immobility, Summerford passed away. Many thought his luckless days were over, but 4 years after his death, his gravestone was struck by lightening, making it the fourth time. It just so happened he was struck every six years! “If only he worked with trains, he would have been a great conductor.